The first of the Capacity Building Training of the “Strengthening Private Sector Civil Society Cooperation through CSR” Project, under the 5th Phase of the EU Civil Society Dialogue Programme with the partnership of the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey and CSR Europe, was held in Malatya on the 17th of October.

In the training, which private sector, civil society, and public institutions representatives attended, the participants were informed about the concept of CSR, its historical process and related concepts. Good practices in CSR and the importance of stakeholder relations were discussed. The participants shared their experiences about the projects they implemented at the local and national levels.

The training also hosted two expert speakers. The speakers shared their knowledge and experience with the participants. Berat Kjamili, Founding Partner of Migport, made a speech about social entrepreneurship and the importance of social entrepreneurs in the CSR ecosystem.

Hüseyin Gök, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Urban Development Association (KEGED), a local NGO in Malatya, spoke about the projects they undertake at the local and national levels and the importance of stakeholder relations. He shared examples from KEGED projects about the positive effects of correct stakeholder & project compliance on the project process.