Samsun Capacity Building Training started with the speeches of Projects Assistant İlayda Oktay and the Project Public Relations Responsible Gizem Parçaoğlu. Gizem Parçaoğlu informed the participants on the Civil Society Dialogue Programme and the Capacity Building Training and gave a short speech on the Corporate Social Responsibility Association of Turkey and its fields.

Different than the other pieces of training, the briefing on the concept of corporate social responsibility, its historical process, and concepts was given by Aslı Moral, who works in the field of CSR in Samsun and works in cooperation with civil society, private sector, and public institutions. Ms. Moralı gave shared her experiences from these projects, and participants shared their own experiences in return.

After Aslı Moral, Betül Semiz, Koc University Employer Relations Specialist, gave the Anatolian Scholarship Programme as a good example of intersectoral cooperation and talked about the importance of communication between sectors. Additionally, she shared the changing job search criteria of the youth that learned during the career-focused activities of the University.

Nuran Aksu, the Founder of ZENNA Reputation Management Research and Consultancy, shared the result of their 2018 “CSR Overview” research. Aksu explained the private sector’s point of view on CSR from their research with examples and shared what sort of methods corporations should follow in order to have successful CSR and Sustainability strategies.