In cooperation with CSR Europe within the context of Fifth Phase of the Civil Society Dialogue Program, “Strengthening Civil Society-Private Sector Partnerships Through CSR” (Responsible Impact) project Closing Event” took place on Tuesday, March 10th in Istanbul.

Within the concept of Responsible Impact project which started on the 1st April 2019, Capacity Building Training was held in 7 regions for 12 months in order to strengthen cooperation cross-sectoral and make the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility more understandable. Afterwards, with the interviews of Private Sector and Civil Society Organizations, their perspectives on the concept of CSR and the best examples of CSR in Europe and Turkey were presented in the comparative final report.

You can find the ”Civil Society and Private Sector Cooperation Through CSR in Europe and Turkey” Report here.

You can find the event press release here.

You can find the event images here.